Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beginnings, Intentions and Introductions

(The caption reads: "Waiting for bloodwork at the Pregnancy Clinic" Click to enlarge)

This actually happened. My wife and I had recently had a conversation regarding whether or not we wanted to start a family or stay in school and finnish our degrees. We decided to stay in school. God decided it was family time. We were at a walk in clinic waiting for the pregnancy test bloodwork results when suddenly someone's child starts screaming its head off. A cold chill rushed down my spine as I felt an eerie sense of foreshadowing. Little did I know that person had it easy. God has blessed my wife and I with two beautiful boys. I tend to do everything in twos (hense the name of the blog.) Double major, double honours, plan on doing two masters programs, for a while I had two jobs, why not start our family with twins? Anyone who doesn't think that God has a sense of humour needs to look at my life. God laughs at me. God laughs at my plans. Not in a bad way mind you. He just seems to take great joy in foiling my schemes and kicking me onto the right path. It happens frequently, and it has taught me the meaning of trust.

My name is Jeff. I am a youth pastor in Mississauga. I have a passion for theology and philosophy as well as all forms of worship to the one God. I have two cute baby boys (cuter than yours!) and a wonderful wife. This blog is going to serve as my outlet for creativity. I will philosophize on it. I will sing on it. I will draw on it. I plan on updating this blog at least 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I am also going to try and have a new comic out every friday (I know, it's Tuesday. Give me a break.) The comics are based on my life and for the most part, actually happened. I hope you enjoy yourself.


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