Thursday, June 9, 2011

Medical Science

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This doctor was dead set on Sarah having a C-section. She kept trying to talk us into it, and even after Sarah delivered Eli naturally, she wanted to do a C-section with Caleb (cause what woman wouldn't want to recover from both birth and surgery at the same time while trying to parent twins?) I think the strangest thing about Dr. "Levi" (name changed) was that she didn't do anything during the birth. Another doctor did all of the work while Dr. Levi stood by and watched. Afterward, Sarah was wheeled out to recovery and I was left to take off my scrubs with the doctors. The doctor who did all the work says

"Excellent work Dr. Levi!"

and Dr. Levi says "Thank you." and walks away. Not "thank you, you as well." not "Thank you, but you did most of the work" not even "well we should all be proud. I was a team effort." Just "thank you." I wanted to slap her.

Overall that hospital was a terrible experience and we won't be going back there for any future births.

I feel like I'm getting better at posting comics, this might be the third or fourth week that I've actually gotten it up on time. As for my other posts (the monday/wednesday post) I blame the twins for that. Who has time to write anything? I'm going to keep trying. I actually have things I want to post those days, it's just a matter of getting around to it.

Well. That's all I got tonight. Time for bed. sweet dreams.


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