Thursday, June 30, 2011

double whammy!

Okay, so I feel super bad about not having a comic up the past two weeks. I was swamped with things to do two weeks ago, and then last week my scanner broke. Everything is fixed now though, and to make it up to you, I made 2 comics this week!

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I will post 2 next week as well so that I am all caught up. The week after I will be away on a speaking engagement at a summer camp for the week, so I'll have to figure out whether they will let me post from camp, or whether I entrust someone here with my comic while I'm gone. Maybe I'll pull a penny-arcade and bring in a guest artist, who knows.

Once again, these strips are almost too close to reality. It wasn't the doctor who was shouting "Get Mad!" it was a feisty 4 foot nothin Philippino nurse. The advice didn't really help. All the nurses and doctors kept telling Sarah where to push (is there generally confusion about that? I don't know.) The way Sarah tells it, it wasn't that she didn't know where to push, or even when to push, it was the fact that she was flat on her back that gave her so much trouble. "Let gravity do it's thing!" she said afterward. And I agree.

It's really difficult to advocate for yourself and your medical options when your in the heat of things. One thing I will say, having kids gave me a spine (It's also slowly destroying my spine, but in a more physical, less symbolic way than I was implying previously.) All of a sudden I had the courage to tell off anyone who was getting all up in my families bid-ness. Maybe I should have had kids earlier. I wouldn't have been such a push over with my bell bill :P ha ha.

Apparently the doctor was talking to me while I was texting everyone we knew. I don't really remember, and if she was I'm sure I paid attention to her AND my cell phone.

It's funny, I think I was almost as excited for my comic strip babies to be borne than I was for my real life babies to be borne. I just have so many great moments that will lend themselves well to a comic strip, so now I have the oportunity to tell all of our stories. Should be some fun :)

Anywho, I think that's all from me. It's almost 1:30 am, and I should sleep before thing 1 and thing 2 wake up for food. See you next week.


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