Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Man of the House

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I should start by saying that it's been a few years since I've heard a telemarketer ask for "the man of the house", but the last time I heard it I was mildly offended. Is my wife incapable of making decisions for us? Is she to clouded by her female emotions to make an informed choice? Truth be told, Sarah handles most of our finances anyways as I am terrible at math and budgets. I can do budgets for work and stuff, but when it comes to a personal budget I just lack that ability.

This is one of the few comics I've done that hasn't actually happened. Although, when Sarah did her pregnancy test I was playing Halo, and apparently when she came out of the bathroom her thought was "really? can I handle another one of these?" lol. Jokes on her, we had twins, ha ha. The boys love video games too; they can't play them obviously, what with being only 7 months old at this point. But they love playing with the controller, and they love watching the screen. I've had to stop playing video games when they are in the room because I don't want them exposed to that kind of violence (but I'm okay exposing myself to it? hmmm....)

Great news! Soon this blog will be moving to its very own domain! In the next week or so we should be up and running at twoxtwo.ca I've registered the domain and found a web host, so all I need to do now is design the site and we're good to go. Mind you I'm tech impaired and don't know the first thing about designing websites... I'm sure it will be fine, lol.

Any way, should have gone to bed an hour ago. Hope you enjoyed todays comic! I will post another on Friday and two next week as well to make up for my lack of comics the past few weeks. Ciao!

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