Monday, April 4, 2011

Jeff's Got the Bob-omb!

I always wanted to “got” the bob-omb, and now I do! I found him at the dollar store when I was buying toys with which to make awesome youth group games. As it turns out he is filled with a disgusting candy powder that erodes your soul; but then, such is the destructive power of the bob-omb. Oh the many times the bob-omb has foiled my plans whilst coming around the bend on the highway levels of Mario Kart. Yes, with great power comes great responsibility; responsibility to never let anyone try the horrible candy powder within.

Originally I was going to use the bob-omb as a mascot of sorts for the youth group. I also thought of starting a Christian Indie band called “Abstinence Bob-Omb” to contrast Scott Pilgrims band “Sex Bob-Omb”. After much deliberation however, both these ideas seemed convoluted and esoteric.

There has always been something ridiculous to me about the concept of the bob-omb, or about Mario villains in general (a ridiculousness well portrayed here [mind the swearing]). For that matter, there seems to have been something wrong with all video game villains in the 80’s and 90’s. They just don’t possess that killer instinct needed to get the job done. (not that I'm an expert at having "killer instinct" [another wonderful Nintendo franchise]). I’ve been studying way to much Calvin this year, so my automatic answer is that video game villains are predestined to fail, which is not entirely incorrect. They have been programmed to be beaten by the hero. It really makes you think... about video games...

Just a note of clarification: I showed Friday’s comic to a friend at school who seemed offended and told me she didn’t think it was funny. I was taken aback (after all, who wouldn’t think it was funny?) and then realized, she didn’t get the punch line. I was talking to the cat! If you read the comic and were offended, please note that I was talking to the cat. I would never call my wife “fatty”. It just doesn’t fly at our house.
That’s all I got for today. Enjoy your week. We’ll talk on Wednesday.


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