Friday, August 26, 2011

Date Night (Part 2)

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Please note that both this comic and this blog are available on my new site and that starting september 1st 2011 I will NO LONGER be using this blogspot account to post material. This is, in fact, likely to be the last post I ever post here. *tear*

So this is the second installment in what I believe will end up being a 5 or six part series. I’m fairly happy with how this turned out. I was drawing this one while sitting next to Sarah, so she was giving me pointers as I drew. I’m a lazy man, so I took the pointers moving forward, but didn’t correct anything already inked (that would just be way to time consuming). As a result, you may notice that Roseanna’s head gets bigger in every frame.

I always ask people permission before rendering them in comic form. Occasionally thereafter I will show them a glimpse of what the comic might look like. In this case I posted the picture on her facebook. I found the exchange most humorous. Now, as you may well know, I am almost completely computer inept, and so I have no idea how to photo capture the screen from facebook and display it here. As you also may well know I am extremely lazy, so I am not about to go on Google and ask how to do the above mentioned action. It just seems like way too much work. So instead you will have to rely on my old friends “Ctrl C” and “Ctrl V”

Jeff Baker posted a photo to Roseanna’s Wall.
Sorry you had a bad day yesterday! Here is a frame from your upcoming debut into the world of comics! Hope it brightens today :)

Roseanna: Y do I look so angry? and like I hate life?
Joshua: i love you and all Jeff but I am married to her and would have had no idea who this was a picture of if I didnt know it was supposed to be her. Skin is too dark and hair looks wrong. Sorry buddy but it needed saying. Love you!
Jeff Baker: ‎@Roseanna: you are unimpressed to see us
@Josh: yeah… I never said I was a GOOD artist…
Roseanna ‎:O when have I ever been un impressed to see you?! gasp!

So, apparently “Ctrl C” and “Ctrl V” work just fine, lol. I deleted their last names and their photos to protect their anonymity.

Adding new characters always poses the problem of how to make them somewhat recognizable to the person they represent. I thought the black and white ink and paper version of Roseanna was spot on, apparently she lost some likeness in the colouring process. I have a few other characters to send out to people for approval. I hope I do a better job with them that I did with Rose.

I didn’t get anymore comics drawn on my vacation, but I did finish this one and edit the colours a bit. I suppose that is enough. I was more focused on relaxing. It turned out I needed the break more than I had anticipated.

Anyway, I suppose that is all I have for today. I’ve been pretty bad lately about posting blogs that are not comics, but I am trying to get better. I managed to squeak one out on Tuesday. I’m hoping to get back into a MWF routine. Keep me accountable! Send me e-mails of angry comments demanding that I blog. I always give in to peer pressure.


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