Friday, August 5, 2011

Precious Cargo

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I had accepted a week long speaking engagement at a summer camp in Muskoka (go camp Kwasind! Sarah has been going to Kwasind since she was a kid, and I more recently have been involved in ministry as the Assistant Camp Director and Staff Chaplain. We were excited to go back and to start a family tradition of our own for our boys, but our kids are a lot of work; so we asked Sarah’s sisters, Rachel and Leah, if they would come help us as our nannies for the week. It was a fun. Half way through the week I needed to go into town and Leah needed WiFi, so we packed up Eli (Caleb was sleeping so we let him be) and headed into town. Then it happened, after I passed a guy (going a speed my mother in law is comfortable with me driving at ;) ) Leah reminded me that I have precious cargo in the car. I was humbled, until she mentioned that on top of the precious cargo I also had a baby in the car. I almost died laughing. It was at that point that I knew: I would be drawing this episode in a few weeks.

It didn’t happen exactly like that, we were short one baby in real life, and I’ve never got my car up on two wheels (nor do I think an Elantra Touring would make it on two wheels, lol) but never-the-less, an episode in hilarity to be sure. Thanks Leah, for being awesome.

Like I said in my last post; I’m having trouble respecting my own deadlines. I finished this strip yesterday and reaaaally wanted to post it right away, but I’m trying to maintain some iota of professionalism (crappy drawings and infrequent blog posts aside, lol).

Note also that I still can’t draw hands. In Leah’s introduction her hands are conveniently in her pockets, and in the strip only my hands are shown, and only on the wheel (10 and 2 o’clock y’all!) I’m just not a hand guy. I’m more of a face guy. Well, not eyes. Or noses… or lips, I hate lips. Ears are weird too. Okay, so I’m not so much a face guy as I am a perspective guy. …as long as the perspective isn’t an object. Not all objects, just cars, or guns, or swords, or phones… okay I can’t draw objects. But bodily perspective is my specialty. …As long as the perspective doesn’t involve faces or hands…

Okay, so I can’t draw, alright?

…Which begs the question…

…Why do you even come here?



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