Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Essential Fatherhood Skills #1

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My sincere apologies for not getting a comic out on Friday. Sarah hasn’t been feeling well so I’ve been working from home. On top of that I was preparing a sermon for Undignified North, so things just didn’t work out. This is a concept I have been kicking around that I hope to revisit in the future. I plan on having a whole line of “Essential Fatherhood Skills” that will appear sporadically throughout the series.

This comic, like most actually happened. I wasn’t playing Halo though, I was playing Prince of Persia. I think it’s a bit presumptuous of me to assume I would hit a running riot as well (15 consecutive kills without dying). Either way, I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. Both babies were fed and happy to stare at me while I played. They are too old for that now though, any type of TV screen, even one that is off, will distract their attention from whatever they are doing.

I will have another comic up this Friday and then, hopefully, I will resume posting with some frequency and consistency.

See you then!


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